The Nurture Ministries
Church School Team
This group of dedicated workers provides Christian education, in the church school and other settings that help persons grow in their understanding of the Bible and Christian faith so they may live as Christian disciples. They work to make the church school a vehicle for evangelism and church growth.

Education Team
The mission of the Education Team is to plan educational ministries for persons of all ages so that we will have opportunities to seek, to know and discover ways to live as Christian Disciples.

Higher Education & Campus Ministry
This team, working in conjunction with the Education Team, coordinates the ministry of Queen’s Chapel with persons in post-secondary educational institutions. It strives to keep them connected with the church by keeping open channels of communication. This team also administers and leads in raising funds to support the various scholarship programs of the church.

The Stewardship Team
The goal of this team is to help the congregation understand Christian Stewardship and practice faithful stewardship in all of life. Their task is to coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive program of stewardship education, inspiration, and action. They also coordinate, with the Committee on Finance, an annual effort to secure pledges for the support of the church budget in the coming year. They must be familiar with the goals the congregation sets for itself, how these goals influence stewardship programs, and conversely, how stewardship can influence and extend these goals.
Worship Arts and Media Ministry

The Worship Design Team
The mission of the Worship team is to plan worship services and activities that are alive with God’s presence and the congregation’s participation, such that people are welcomed, changed by God’s Word, and sent out to love and serve in daily life.
The Team’s Primary Tasks are:

(1) To work with the Pastor, the Director of Music, and other involved persons to ensure that Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church provides opportunities for worship that will help persons develop and strengthen their relationship with God, so that they may live more faithfully as Christian Disciples;
(2) To work with the Pastor and Director of Music to plan worship experiences that both meet the spiritual needs of our current membership and attract others into our fellowship.

The Combined Choirs
Is made up of members from all QC’s choirs. They are responsible for providing the music ministry for every first Sunday Worship and Communion service. The genre of music ranges from anthems to spirituals and traditional gospel.
Audition required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

The Sanctuary Choir
This choir is responsible for providing music for the second Sunday. The genre of this choir ranges from gospel music from the Thomas Dorsey era with some current pieces as well. This choir utilizes a rich repertoire of hymns and original pieces.
Audition required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

The Male Chorus
Has been providing music for fifty years at Queen’s Chapel. The Male chorus is still going strong and is responsible for music on the third Sundays. Their music covers original pieces, anthems, modern gospel as well current gospel music.
Audition required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

Radical Sunday Choir
The Radical Sunday Choir is composed of people from the Young People’s Choir as well as alumni from YPC. This choir is responsible for singing on Radical Sundays which are celebrated on fifth Sundays.
Auditions Required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

The QC Praise and Worship Ensemble
This new choir is in formation and developmental stage. It will be responsible for bringing very current gospel, sacred and worship music to the Queen’s Chapel Music scene. This choir will also work very closely with the band and ideally, will consist of solo caliber singers. More information to follow.
Audition Required: Yes
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

The Mass Choir
This choir is responsible for providing music for the fourth Sundays where there are five Sundays of the month and for special occasion. This choir sings songs from a range of anthems, sophisticated gospel pieces, current and modern gospel. Artists such as Hawkins, Smallwood, and many others are often featured.
Audition Required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

Young People’s Choir
The Young People’s Choir is one of the oldest choirs at Queen’s Chapel and is a proud family for young and developing singers. The choir is responsible for providing music for the fourth Sundays. Children’s ages range from 5 all the way to high school are invited and welcomed to sing. The choir sings songs from modern gospel, new worship songs and songs that fall under the contemporary Christian genre.
Audition Required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

Band & Instrumental Music
This ministry is responsible for providing music for worship services and special occasions and events. The primary instruments are drums, keyboards, guitars—bass and lead. Other instrumentalists are welcome to play on a volunteer basis.
Audition Required:
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

Liturgical Dance
Angels in Flight I and II provides liturgical dance for the worship experiences of Queen’s Chapel. Angels in Flight I is for children and youth while II is for adults. A background in dance is welcomed but not necessary.
Audition Required: No
Rehearsals: See Music Department Calendar

Drama Ministry
This ministry will research, examine and explore ways in which relevant messages, Biblically useful, are presented in a dramatic format. Auditions Required: No

Camera and Visual Arts
This is also a forming and growing ministry that is responsible for recording the service, editing, film promotions, and distribution of DVD’s. Training is provided.

Media Ministry
This team is responsible for operating and providing the visual components of the Worship Experience. These components include operating lap tops, projectors during the morning worship experience. The substance of these visual aids will include text for scripture text, hymn and song lyrics, announcements, prayer requests and clips. Experience is welcomed but not necessary as training will be provided.

Hands of Praise
The Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church’s Hands of Praise Sign Language Ministry believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Song should be experienced by everyone without barriers. The Hands of Praise Ministry was officially established at Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church on Sunday, September 1, 2002. Its mission is to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for the deaf and hard of hearing within the community of faith. Currently Sign Language interpreting is provided each month on the First Sunday as well as special occasions and also on an as needed basis. The Ministry welcomes newcomers with or with no sign language experience to join the ministry. Sign language classes are offered 2-3 times a year. Please contact the church administrator with your need or interest.

Worship Leaders (also known as Liturgists)
One who is spiritually engaged through the ministries of the church, i.e., Bible Study, Sunday School, Ministries and are called to lead people in worship. Worship Leaders bring different gifts to the experience. Some are gifted in prayer, energizing worshippers, etc. Training is provided.

Sound Ministry
The Sound Team is responsible for operating the sound board and managing the sound elements and quality of the ministry and recording the services (including CD/DVD duplication). While a background in sound is welcomed, experience is not required as training will be provided.

Usher Board
The Usher Board consists of men, women and children who have organized and dedicated themselves as an usher unit. The Usher is a silent evangelist, a door keeper in the house of God. The beauty of the Lord’s house is its order, and much of this depends upon an efficient usher board.

Queen’s Chapel is a charter member of the Interdenominational Church Usher’s Association of Maryland, Inc. (ICUA) as members of the Prince George’s County Unit.

Spoken Word Ministry
This ministry is in the developmental stage. It is expected to be up and running in the fall of 2012.

MIME Ministry


This ministry is an extension of the Hospitality Ministry. Volunteers meet and greet visitors every Sunday before worship and at special services. Their mission is to welcome

Communion Stewards

The Team is responsible for forming, developing and providing liturgy for the Sunday morning worship service as well as other worship experiences throughout the year, i.e., Watch Night, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, etc.

Age Level Ministries

At every stage of life the church seeks to address the concerns and conditions of children, youth , young adults, adults, older adults, singles, couples and families in the church and in the community, so that they may grow in their understanding of themselves and the Christian faith and that their quality of life may be improved. These ministries strive to keep before the congregation of Queen’s Chapel issues impacting those groups bearing in mind that the configuration of families in our society has undergone (and continues to undergo) some radical changes and departures from the “traditional” family unit.

The specific duties:

  • To become familiar with the overall goals of the congregation and interpret how these goals may be achieved through the congregation’s ministry with children, youth, young adults, older adults, singles, couples, and families.
  • To encourage the inclusion of children, youth, young adults, older adults, singles, couples and families in the various programs and projects of the church.

  • To help plan and carry out a varied and wide-ranging program with children, youth , young adults, older adults, singles, couples and families including worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities, etc.

  • To be a liaison with organizations, persons, and resources that relate to age-level and family ministries and might help build a strong program within the congregation and community of Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

  • To take part in the Church Council and the Charge Conference and to represent the concerns of children, youth, young adults, older adults, singles, couples and family ministries in these groups.

  • To prepare annual budget requests to be submitted to the Committee on Finance.

These ministries include: Children’s Ministry, Young Adult, Older Adult, Singles, Adult Couples and Youth Ministry.

Bible Study Opportunities
Bible Study: Weekly Wednesday Morning 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Bible Study: Weekly Wednesday Evenings 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“Off the Hook” Young Adult Bible Study: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Youth Bible Study: Teens and Middle School Age Weekly, Wednesday 6:30 p.m. to 7:30

Men’s Bible Class: Meets every Sunday morning during the Church School hour.
United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women (UMW) is an organization that is a division of every local church and is directly related to the District and Conference organizations of United Methodist Women and to the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. This local unit is part of the largest denominational faith organization for women with an approximate membership of 800,000 whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice. Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and participate in the global mission of the church through United Methodist Women.
United Methodist Men
In each local church there is an organized unit of the United Methodist Men (UMM) chartered and annually renewed through the General Commission on United Methodist Men. All local church men’s organizations provide a dedicated ministry for building men spiritually and involving men in the total ministry of the Church. As men are called to model servant leadership of Jesus Christ, the UMM exists to help them declare that Christ is in the center of every man’s life. Men’s ministry leads to the spiritual growth and effective discipleship.
The Administrative Committees

The Church Council
The primary task of the Church Council is to lead the congregation of Queen’s Chapel in short and long-range planning and in formulating and carrying out its mission and ministry so that persons are received into this fellowship, encouraged in strengthening their relationship with God, and supported as they seek to live as Christian disciples.

The Committee on Finance
This committee is charged with the responsibility of developing an annual budget for the church and finding the means to support the budget so that the mission and ministry of Queen’s Chapel are funded and strengthened.

The Membership Team

The Team works in two phases.
New Member Coordinators: The purpose of the team is to cultivate the new member experience from the time one joins to full membership. They coordinate the New Member classes and provide instruction on a monthly basis.
Membership Secretarial Team:
It is the job of the Membership Team to keep accurate membership records so that Queen’s Chapel can nurture its members as Christian disciples. This team prepares reports for the Annual Charge Conference and statistics for the church ministries.

The Committee on Lay Leadership
This Committee works year-round to ensure that our congregation has a working plan for discovering, inviting, nominating, and supporting persons for leadership positions in the administrative and programmatic areas of the life of the church. They keep church officers and leaders abreast of opportunities for training, skills enhancement, and leadership development in their area of service. A slate of officers is presented for election at the annual Charge Conference (and any other time necessary) to carry out the mission and ministry of our church as defined by the Book of Discipline and the Church Council. The committee on Lay Leadership is the only committee of the church over which the Pastor presides.

The Committee on Staff Parish Relations
The mission of the Staff Parish Relations Committee is to be the liaison between the Pastor, staff, and congregation; and to work as a team with the congregation. Our mission is focusing on discovering current reality; naming shared visions; and monitoring the faith journey of Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

They inform the Church Council of the staffing needs of the church and work with the Council in finding ways to meet those needs. They also recommend to the Council personnel policies for all persons employed by the church, excluding clergy persons appointed by the Bishop. The Committee also seeks out and recommends persons to become candidates for the ordained ministry.

Church Historian & the Committee on Records & History
The role of the Church Historian and the Committee on Records & History is to help the congregation of Queen’s Chapel document its historical identity by keeping its records in an orderly fashion so that it may preserve and build on its heritage. They are to work with the trustees to establish and maintain an Archives and History Center on the church premises.

Also to serve as a resource to the Baltimore Washington Conference in helping them understand the history and heritage of Queen’s Chapel.

Membership is by appointment.

Board of Trustees
The trustees of the church supervise and maintain all property belonging to Queen’s Chapel so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective. The Board shall consist of not fewer than three nor more than nine persons and is recommended that at least one-third be laywomen and that at least one-third be laymen. They shall of legal age as determined by law and at least two-thirds shall be professing members of The United Methodist Church.

Communications & Public Relations

The Coordinator of Communications and Public Relations develops the means by which members of the congregation and persons in the community may understand and become interested in participating in the ministry of Queen’s Chapel Church.

The Policy Review Committee
Comprehensive policies and procedures are essential to aid the officers, leaders, and members in effective mission and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. This committee’s job is to monitor the work of the Church Council to note when Council actions necessitate revisions to the manual and recommend those revisions (and others) to the Church Council.

The Coordinator of Investments & Financial Development
In order to increase our ability to be in mission and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ, the coordinator of investments and financial development helps the congregation become financially successful by recommending sound investments and offering programs that assist the financial development of the church and its members.

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